My Next Chapter

I'm leaving The Hanover to join Actifio. Here's why.

My Next Chapter My Next Chapter

Thoughts on Branding

Those companies that recognize their role is to define what they want to stand for and then to live that mission across all their interactions with the public - product, service or otherwise - will be successful in establishing the brand they would want to define if they had actually had that level of control.

Thoughts on Branding Thoughts on Branding

(Being) SOCIAL (for) BUSINESS – Or, what I learned at SXSW and SBS2010

Think about the real world when you are designing social business strategies and approaches. A few days in Austin drove that home recently.

(Being) SOCIAL (for) BUSINESS – Or, what I learned at SXSW and SBS2010 (Being) SOCIAL (for) BUSINESS – Or, what I learned at SXSW and SBS2010

Solving Problems is All That Matters

Solving problems and meeting current needs and objectives are the only things that matter...regardless of what is possible in the future.

Solving Problems is All That Matters Solving Problems is All That Matters

Adjacent Content Marketing ftw

When you are coming up with topics for content marketing - not the stuff where you define your company's value or the offerings of your products, but the stuff that people want to keep coming back for - don't focus on your products.

Adjacent Content Marketing ftw Adjacent Content Marketing ftw

I have years of experience in selling and marketing technology products and services from workflow software to foreign language courses. In addition to explaining complex systems in everyday English (messaging), figuring out what the data is telling us (analysis), and using those things to grow revenues (sales), I make a mean risotto and have coached over 400 youth soccer games.

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