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My Mother’s Legacy

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  For Mom In the end, our legacy is created from the choices we make in life. How we live and love and how we touch others through our lives creates a legacy of remembrance, affection, and respect. Our gathering here today represents my mother’s legacy – the people who she loved and touched and those who loved her. While she is gone, she remains in our memories and in our stories of her. She remains when we think of what she would have thought or said about something. For…read more

Compare and contrast to clearly define yourself

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Mike Troiano, our CMO at Actifio, posted a great piece on our blog yesterday, CommVault vs Actifio. In it, he does a fantastic job of comparing and contrasting Actifio with one of our big competitors, to whom we are often compared. Most importantly, he draws the distinction between official positioning and product reality. “On closer inspection Actifio and CommVault are in fact pretty different. They’re saying all the right things when it comes to defining the next generation of enterprise storage technology. But Actifio is delivering on them – today…read more

My Next Chapter

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You have a good job that pays you well at a solid multi-billion dollar company. Why on Earth would you want to go and join a startup? I have heard these words many times over the last few weeks as I have been contemplating the next step in my professional journey. Sometimes, they were asked by family or friends. Sometimes, by people at startups themselves. The simple answer is I’d like to get on a rocket ship and help it to fly far and fast. The more detailed answer has…read more

Thoughts on Branding

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“How do you get people so revved up that they’re willing to slap a sticker on their car out of allegiance to the company, or tattoo their bodies with your brand” Ravi Sawhney It used to be that a brand stood for whatever its company defined. It was a tag line, a logo, a design treatment, or perhaps the functional essence of the product itself. In the “golden age” of mass outbound media, companies (and their ad agencies) defined a brand for us. We either embraced it or we didn’t,…read more

Solving Problems is All That Matters

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Solving problems and meeting current needs and objectives are the only things that matter…regardless of what is possible in the future. It is easy for those of us who work on forward looking strategy to become enamored of what is possible, to see a cool vision of a future state that works better. But thinking about how to apply some of my takeaways from SXSW recently made this concept, that real tangible results are the key things that matter, really come together for me. In an era when lots of…read more