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Thoughts on Branding

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“How do you get people so revved up that they’re willing to slap a sticker on their car out of allegiance to the company, or tattoo their bodies with your brand” Ravi Sawhney It used to be that a brand stood for whatever its company defined. It was a tag line, a logo, a design treatment, or perhaps the functional essence of the product itself. In the “golden age” of mass outbound media, companies (and their ad agencies) defined a brand for us. We either embraced it or we didn’t,…read more

Adjacent Content Marketing ftw

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When you are coming up with topics for content marketing – not the stuff where you define your company’s value or the offerings of your products, but the stuff that people want to keep coming back for – don’t focus on your products. No one thinks your baby is as cute as you do. You are not the market, even if you may be a member of it. Your mother may want to see 1000 pictures of the kids, but your neighbors do not. Why then do you think your…read more


The branding effect – indirect ROI and direct response programs.

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Brands are still important! They drive an indirect ROI that should not be forgotten. In an age where so much of what we do as online marketers has a measurable direct response, it is easy to forget the importance of building a brand. Even for those who do not expend any resources specifically dedicated to brand building activities, there is a branding effect in all programs and campaigns that can and should be measured and should be included when analyzing the value of a given activity. In the traffic driving…read more