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Adjacent Content Marketing ftw

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When you are coming up with topics for content marketing – not the stuff where you define your company’s value or the offerings of your products, but the stuff that people want to keep coming back for – don’t focus on your products. No one thinks your baby is as cute as you do. You are not the market, even if you may be a member of it. Your mother may want to see 1000 pictures of the kids, but your neighbors do not. Why then do you think your…read more


Click Behavior and Google+ Profile Help Search Rankings

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Two recent experiences with my personal website davidmeiselman.com have given me some anecdotal evidence of how Google uses a couple of factors in driving its ranking algorithm: 1. how often people click on a link to your site in the search results 2. having a Google Plus profile associated with your site. I have had this site now for a number of years, both as a platform to share my professional expertise and to try to “own your own brand” and have a greater share of the top google search…read more


(Being) SOCIAL (for) BUSINESS – Or, what I learned at SXSW and SBS2010

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I just returned from a great week in Austin, attending the fantastic Social Business Summit (hosted by the Dachis Group) and the SXSW Interactive conference. It was a great time, and I learned A TON! Other folks have posted some great recaps, so I won’t rehash those. But, just some of the lessons I took away included: – When dealing with enterprise level social interactions, you can’t scale with just experts, you need to let your broader front line employees scale your social capabilities. (Charlene Li and Jaime Punishill) –…read more


Conversations are replacing content on the Web

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OK, so maybe conversations are not REPLACING content, but it is clear that interaction and the discussion of ideas ARE changing the dynamic of the web. Just as static pages that you visit on websites are giving way to Social Distribution Streams of content you can consume anywhere, people no longer need to “publish” to communicate on the Web. For some time now, I have found the most interesting nuggets or ideas in the comments of blog posts. Sometimes they are made by the readers and often they are made…read more


Islands in the social content stream

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The social distribution system is a key aspect of why the web is becoming more about people and ideas and less about content and its static-object, connected-to-places (pages/sites) form… I have had this post floating around in my head for literally about a year, but it hasn’t come out in written form until today. When it started, in my head, it was all about the fact that content wants to be independent of place or platform. Or, more specifically, that content should be “consumable” where and how the consumer wants…read more