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My Next Chapter

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You have a good job that pays you well at a solid multi-billion dollar company. Why on Earth would you want to go and join a startup? I have heard these words many times over the last few weeks as I have been contemplating the next step in my professional journey. Sometimes, they were asked by family or friends. Sometimes, by people at startups themselves. The simple answer is I’d like to get on a rocket ship and help it to fly far and fast. The more detailed answer has…read more

Word choice matters in sales. A view from the buy side.

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After 20 years on the sell side, in both sales and marketing, I have spent the last couple of years on the buy side. As such, I have sat through countless vendor presentations and agency pitches. It is amazing to me how many salespeople, even the better ones, make fairly fundamental mistakes in word choices when they are trying to describe scenarios that relate to your business during sales presentations. I learned long ago that the key to developing good messaging is listening to the market. Listen to customers and…read more


Click Behavior and Google+ Profile Help Search Rankings

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Two recent experiences with my personal website davidmeiselman.com have given me some anecdotal evidence of how Google uses a couple of factors in driving its ranking algorithm: 1. how often people click on a link to your site in the search results 2. having a Google Plus profile associated with your site. I have had this site now for a number of years, both as a platform to share my professional expertise and to try to “own your own brand” and have a greater share of the top google search…read more


Most important social media strategy…be awesome, or else.

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Brand and message control is an illusion…so your product and service had better be awesome. The current rush by companies to implement a social media strategy is interesting to watch, but often misses the point. Too many marketers are still thinking in a uni-directional way…asking “how do we use social media to get our message out?” Even some savvy marketers who recognize that social media enables easier dialogs with their customers are missing a big piece of the sea change that is going on here. Your brand/product/service is already being…read more


Liveblogging makes conference attendance virtual and asynchronous!

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More and more I am getting something out of all those great events that I am not able to attend due to time or expense. Occasionally events get covered in videos that are made public and posted to YouTube, but often there is no video available for events. For those events, there is often an industry blogger who covers the event by liveblogging from each session. While some sessions are more easily covered than others, some bloggers do an amazing job of conveying both the gist and the details of…read more


Why blog here?

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Those who know me well also know that I have blogged in the past. When I was blogging semi-regularly at liberty egg, one of the things that I often struggled with was how to balance work or professional thinking and writing with personal posting. If I want to build a set of posts that reflect my professional work, do I really want to post pictures of my kids in the same place? Likewise, do all of my friends and family care about the nuances of online marketing? So as I…read more