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    When you are coming up with topics for content marketing – not the stuff where you define your company’s value or the offerings of your products, but the stuff that people want to keep coming back for – don’t focus on your products.

    No one thinks your baby is as cute as you do. You are not the market, even if you may be a member of it. Your mother may want to see 1000 pictures of the kids, but your neighbors do not. Why then do you think your market wants to read content about your product? If they are in a buying mode, they may want information about your product, but they don’t want an ongoing relationship with product content. They don’t want to share it with their friends and followers.

    Content marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing today. It delivers benefits across many programs. It can cause people to come to your site and to return frequently. It can power your organic search traffic, by letting all those pages be indexed and found and by driving thousands of links to your site, thereby raising your authority. It is the lifeblood of sharing on social networks. And, it is a way to get the influencers in your industry involved with your brand.

    To be effective, though, content needs to be about topics that are not product focused. To be authoritative, they do, however, need some relationship to your industry. The key then is to develop what I refer to as “adjacent content”. What does your market and community care about? What interests them? What will enhance their professional knowledge? Once you shift your thinking to those topics that aren’t about your product, or even about the problem your product solves, potential topics will explode in volume.

    In RealEstate? Don’t write about your listings or your sales success; write about pricing trends in the market. Run a grocery store? Don’t write about your specials; write about the growth of local farms in the area and the demand for their produce. Make fine furniture? Write about the new woods available from Latin America that are changing the industry.

    Not the thing, the thing next to it…the adjacent content. That’s your sweet spot. Build the value of your brand by giving people value in content that interests them AND that relates to what you do. Do that and they’ll come back and read your product copy when they are in buying mode…it’s right next door to where they hang out anyway.

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